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Frances Humber

Conservation Programme Manager Conservation Programme Manager London, UK

Mpandrindra ny fikarohana

Fran is responsible for coordinating research activities in Madagascar and Belize and as well as managing Blue Ventures' marine turtle and shark research and conservation programme. She also studies part-time for a PhD on the status of artisanal marine turtle shark fisheries in southwest Madagascar.

Prior to working for Blue Ventures, Fran studied for an MRes in Marine Biology at the University of Plymouth where she looked at the effects of temporary octopus reserves.

Publications within BV

Le Manach, F., Gough, C., Harris, A., Humber, F., Harper, S., Zeller, D. 2012. Unreported fishing, hungry people and political turmoil: the recipe for a food security crisis in Madagascar? Marine Policy 36, 218–225.

Humber, F., Godley, B., Ramehery, V., Broderick, A. 2011. Using community members to assess artisanal fisheries: the marine turtle fishery in Madagascar. Animal Conservation 14, 175-185.

Humber, F., Hykle, D. (2011) Report on the workshop for the adoption of a management and conservation plan for marine turtles in Madagascar. IOSEA and Blue Ventures Conservation. 56pp.


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