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The thing I appreciate most about working for Blue Ventures is our community-based approach, working very closely with coastal communities and learning from each other. By forging lasting relationships and gaining their trust, I feel that I've been able to make a real difference by supporting them to manage their marine resources sustainably.

No matter how long you go away for, community members will remember your name, they will tell stories about what you did with them, and you will always be welcomed if you go back. I love the vision that all of us working in conservation are hoping to achieve: a beautiful sea full of fish, a forest full of trees and birds, a savanna full of animals… and of course, people living in harmony with those environments.

I've been privileged to work for Blue Ventures since our early days in Madagascar, and I'm very proud of the positive changes that we've achieved with communities along the southwest coast. From working with some of the most isolated and marginalised fishers to representing Blue Ventures at international conferences in South Korea and France, I've had some amazing personal and professional experiences while advancing sustainable fisheries management and marine conservation in my country.