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Working for Blue Ventures is like being part of a team of "professional idealists" - people who want to make the world a better place, but who also understand that idealism is not enough, and that it is only coupled with pragmatism and professionalism that we can have a chance to actually make a difference. 

The best thing about my job was how varied the work was. It was often pretty intense with a lot of responsibilities, but was impossible to get bored as there wasn't one day the same as the other. Doing logistics, human resource management, checking on seaweed or sea cucumber farms in remote places, having meetings with authorities or partners, working on research plans with students from the local university, and travelling on bumpy roads in 4x4s across insanely beautiful landscapes are just a tiny sample of what can happen in the life of an aquaculture coordinator with Blue Ventures!

The worst thing I can think of was probably the first 10 minutes waking up in the middle of the night for some sea cucumber monitoring or harvesting… Setting an alarm for midnight or 1am, to take care of sea cucumbers – because they remain buried and really hard to find during the day – is not a really natural move! But honestly, once my brain was properly on, those hours spent wading in the mud under the stars, discovering the amazing nightlife in the seagrass beds, and joking with the farmers while counting and weighing their sea cucumbers are some of my unforgettable memories with Blue Ventures!