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Medical electives

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Medical elective students are invited to join Blue Ventures' award-winning community health team at our base in the village of Andavadoaka, Madagascar, for 4-6 week placements.

  • Take part in and learn about our community-based approach to health education and service delivery
  • Witness the challenges of providing healthcare in a remote, resource-poor setting
  • Learn about the cultural, social, environmental and economic context within which we operate

  • This is a unique opportunity to live and work with some of the world’s poorest and most isolated communities, and be part of our integrated health and conservation programmes. We are confident that no other medical elective can offer you this sort of learning experience! 

    Download our medical elective programme booklet for more information and apply online for a medical elective placement.
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    15th November 2013, Addis Ababa - Blue Ventures' integrated Population-Health-Environment (PHE) approach receives high-level endorsement at the International Conference on Family Planning

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    Community health


    Our community health programme delivers health education and services in order to enable couples to make their own reproductive health choices, as part of our integrated Population-Health-Environment (PHE) approach in Madagascar.

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