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17th July 2014, London, UK: Dr Al Harris writes about Blue Ventures' integrated approach to conservation in Tusk Trust's Tusk Talk magazine

Barren Isles coverage

2nd July 2014, Madagascar: Our work in the Barren Isles, west Madagascar is featured in an article in Madagascar's L'Express newspaper

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Published in Conservation reports
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Faustinato Behivoke

Published in Managers
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Published in Conservation reports
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Published in Conservation reports

13th September 2013, London - Blue Ventures' work in Madagascar received royal endorsement last night at the inaugural Tusk Conservation Awards, held at the Royal Society in London and attended by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

30th August 2013, London - New study highlights the overwhelming importance of small-scale fisheries for coastal economies

Westerman, K. and Gardner, C.J. 2013. Conservation Evidence, 10 pp 4 - 9
Published in Conservation reports
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