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Toliara 8th April 2011. A landmark fisheries workshop held in Madagascar this week has shown for the first time that community‚Äźbased marine conservation brings direct economic benefits to traditional fishing communities, creating a powerful incentive for expansion of marine conservation efforts.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011 13:57

Locally led marine conservation


We empower coastal communities to manage their own resources, developing locally managed marine areas designed to sustain local fisheries and safeguard marine biodiversity.

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9 February 2011, Antananarivo, Madagascar.  National workshop brings together community leaders, fisheries managers, marine scientists, fishermen, conservationists and government representatives.

20th December 2010. A new study published this week shows that community-based laws and conventions are a powerful and effective tool for the management of protected areas. The research, led by Blue Ventures' community outreach coordinator Gildas Andriamalala, highlights the extent to which locally-derived community rules are able to effectively implement conservation plans for threatened marine environments in Madagascar.


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