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Visiting undergraduate and postgraduate students can research a wide range of integrated conservation and marine biology topics at our field sites in Madagascar and Belize. 

"Beyond being a first-class conservation organisation, Blue Ventures is staffed and directed by true leaders in the marine sciences who have delivered a wealth of fundamental research on par with many academic institutions.

Blue Ventures is therefore poised to offer an outstanding education experience to undergraduates and postgraduates alike, who can rise to the challenge of good science."

Dr Sam Purkis - Professor, National Reef Institute, Nova Southeastern University

Past independent research projects have covered such diverse issues as the ecological monitoring of coral reefs and feasibility studies for community-based aquaculture development.

Blue Ventures do not offer financial support or funding for independent research projects, however, we can host undergraduate and postgraduate students at our field sites and offer an independent research package that includes project guidance and supervision, food and accommodation, site transfers, pastoral care while in the field, and comprehensive health and safety provision. Boat use, scuba diving and local guides can all be arranged at additional cost; please download the Independent Research Programme booklet and contact us for more information. 

We suggest that undergraduate students choose a project that can utilise archived databases and is not dependent on new data collection due to the time constraints involved with undergradaute thesis projects. While we advise prospective researchers to choose from our list of project titles, we do also welcome applications from students with their own projects. 

"What I learned and felt during my expedition with Blue Ventures helped propel me to and through a graduate degree in Marine Science. The people and places I experienced through BV were a wonderful start to my journey towards becoming a published scientist."

Geoff Hensgen - Madagascar expedition

If you are interested in undertaking an independent research project with Blue Ventures then please:

  • Consult our list of current independent research projects (2013-2014) below
  • Download the Independent Research Programme booklet
  • Apply using the online form or download and email us the offline form
  • Contact us for more information 

Independent research projects (2013-2014) - Madagascar

Independent research projects (2013-2014) - Belize