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Value chain analysis of charcoal production in Madagascar’s NW coast

Supervisors: Aude Carro and Garth Cripps
Location: desk (UK) and/or desk/field (Madagascar)
Duration: 3 months

Madagascar’s west coast includes approximately 213,000 hectares of mangrove ecosystems, which sequester significant amounts of carbon dioxide, support high levels of biodiversity and provide vital goods and services to increasingly poor and vulnerable coastal communities. Despite their importance, Madagascar’s mangroves are  being rapidly overexploited resulting in widespread degradation and deforestation.

In the NW coast, the primary driver of deforestation is overexploitation for charcoal, resulting in 1000’s of hectares of loss in the past several decades. To consider  alterations to current relationships between coastal communities and mangrove resources, it is imperative to first assess the role of all stakeholders and the potential  ramifications of alterations to current relationships. This project will involve joining an ongoing investigation, led by Malagasy and international socio-economic scientists and conservationists, which examines the entire value chain of mangrove charcoal. All stakeholders who participate in charcoal production, marketing and consumption  will be considered. The results will help contextualize the current overexploitation of mangrove wood and work towards identifying long-term solutions.

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