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Development of the Barren Islands LMMA sustainable finance plan

Supervisors: Florence Pichon, Brian Jones
Location: desk (Madagascar/Anywhere)
Duration: 3-6 months

Since 2009, BV has been working with local and migrant fishing communities to develop a locally- managed marine area (LMMA) around the Barren Islands in western  Madagascar. The Barren Islands marine ecosystem is made up of a great diversity of habitats, including: deep oceanic waters immediately off the continental shelf;  extensive coral reefs; mangrove forests; estuarine marshes; wetlands; and coastal dunes backed up by dense semi-humid tropical forest. The coral reefs of the Barren Islands are among the Indian Ocean’s healthiest, and house the highest resident fish biomass observed to date in Madagascar.

For current efforts to have a lasting impact on biodiversity conservation, sustainable finance mechanisms will need to be developed. To date, a number of opportunities  have been identified, including the following:
  • Management and use rights of pelagic fish stocks
  • Eco-tourism
  • Generation of carbon credits (from extensive seagrass and mangrove habitats)
  • Access fees for migrant fishers
  • Development of community-based aquaculture
  • Sustainable pirogue construction

Through consulting with BV field staff, this project would further investigate these opportunities, identifying which have the most potential to contribute to long-term financial sustainability, as well as providing recommendations for development of a diversified portfolio of revenue streams.

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