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Climate adaptation impacts of a forest carbon project in Velondriake locally- managed marine area

Supervisors: Kate England, Dolce AugustinCicelin Rakotomahazo, Sylvia Paulot
Location: desk (Madagascar/Anywhere)
Duration: 2 months

With rising sea levels and increased incidence and intensity of tropical storms, coastal communities and biodiversity are increasingly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change.

Blue Ventures is working in the Velondriake locally-managed marine area to implement forest carbon projects, by conducting ecological and socioeconomic  research, and engaging communities to plan projects. As part of these projects, a full understanding is required of the climate vulnerability of target communities and  biodiversity, and the potential impacts of a forest carbon project on their climate change adaptative capacity.

This project is desk-based and involves research and a  detailed synthesis showing baseline vulnerability conditions of both biodiversity and communities by examining General Circulation Models (GCMs) in combination with  baseline socioeconomic and biodiversity information.

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