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Alternative fuel-wood plantations to prevent leakage of mangrove REDD+ activities

Supervisors: Kate England, Sylvia Paulot
Location: desk (UK) and/or desk/field (Madagascar)
Duration: min 3-6 months

The unsustainable harvest of mangrove wood has led to massive degradation of Madagascar’s mangrove forests. By carefully planning with mangrove-dependent  communities, REDD+ (Reducing emissions from forest degradation and deforestation) projects can both attract carbon financing for communities and protect the mangrove forests on which these communities depend.

A key component of these projects is planning to prevent the displacement of forest exploitation in conserved areas to surrounding areas, a phenomenon termed ‘leakage’.
Fuel wood and timber plantations represent a potential alternative wood source for communities who traditionally use mangroves, but little is known about the relationship between mangrove-dependent communities and terrestrial forest use.

This project requires a synthesis of existing information regarding projects which have used  terrestrial wood plantations as a management tool for mangrove conservation, and an assessment of potential wood plantations in Madagascar, including an assessment of impacts of species on the environment, to prevent leakage of mangrove extraction activities to surrounding forests.

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