Meet some of our scholars to find out what education means to them - please
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Angelitina comes from Andavadoaka and is being supported by Blue Ventures to attend high school (lycee) in the nearby town of Morombe.
She is in the second class (lowest grade in high school) and her favourite subject is Earth and Life Sciences because she wants to become a doctor. In her spare time she likes to play basketball. She thinks that education is important for girls because it means that they can have the same rights as boys.


Anselme is one of Blue Ventures' first school scholars to attend university. He was a member of the Club AloAlo while at school in Andavadoaka and has been interested in environmental protection from a young age. Anselme is studying Geography at the University of Toliara and hopes to be able to use the skills that he is gaining in order to help his community with conservation in the future. He was recently awarded a Samba-Getty scholarship in support of his higher education. 


Miandry comes from Andavadoaka where his family depend on fishing for their livelihood. Blue Ventures has been supporting Miandry to attend school for the past three years. He is now in his final year at the high school (lycee) in Morombe and serves as student association president. Miandry would like to become a teacher so that he can share his knowledge with others.


Clemence is one of 115 girls being supported by Blue Ventures to attend school. She studies at the College Sainte Famille in Andavadoaka where she is in the third class (highest grade in middle school). Her favourite subjects are Earth and Life Sciences, and Malagasy. Clemence would like to be a police officer when she grows up.


Fabien completed his schooling with support from Blue Ventures, and is now studying Earth and Life Sciences at the University of Toliara. His favourite subjects in school were Maths and Physics. Fabien hopes to be able to use the knowledge that he is gaining in order to work for Blue Ventures in Andavadoaka one day and thereby help his community with conservation. He was recently awarded a Samba-Getty scholarship in support of his higher education.