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28 November 2014, Antananarivo, Madagascar 
– The Government of Madagascar has accorded temporary protection to the Barren Isles archipelago, thus creating the largest community-managed marine protected area in the Indian Ocean.

28 Novembre 2014, Antananarivo, Madagascar 
– Le Gouvernement de Madagascar vient d’octroyer à l’archipel des Îles Barren le statut de protection temporaire, créant ainsi la plus grande Aire Marine Protégée dans l’Océan Indien gérée par les communautés locales.

03 September 2014, London, UK – WIOMSA, the Marine Stewardship Council and Blue Ventures will hold a three-day workshop in Zanzibar, Tanzania from 3rd -5th December 2014, to share experiences in octopus fisheries management and eco-certification in East Africa and the western Indian Ocean region.

31 July 2014, Antananarivo, Madagascar – Health and conservation sectors unite to establish a broad network of policy makers, funders and practitioners committed to reinforcing an integrated approach to sustainable development in Madagascar

23rd July 2014, London, UK: An international team of researchers has carried out an ambitious assessment of community-led marine conservation in the Western Indian Ocean.

11 July 2014, Antananarivo, Madagascar - A meeting in Antananarivo later this month will bring together policy makers, funders and NGO practitioners to galvanise the broader adoption of the integrated Population-Health-Environment (PHE) approach in Madagascar.