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Blue Ventures Teaches Children About Marine Life and Conservation At London Aquarium

As part of the London Aquarium and the BBC’s ‘Saving Planet Earth’ month Blue Ventures will be running a weeklong marine scientist workshop for children visiting the aquarium.

From Monday 25th June to Sunday 2nd July Blue Ventures scientists will teach children about diving and marine life, as well as conservation and the work being carried out by Blue Ventures in Madagascar.

Oceans cover 71 percent of the Earth’s surface and are home to most of the world’s plant and animal species. But scientists say less than 10 percent of all marine species have been recorded.

Coral reefs have been called the “rainforests of the sea” because of the vast number of species they harbour. About 4,000 species of fish and 800 species of corals have been documented -- just a fraction of coral reef species yet to be discovered.

Covering more than 587,000 square km and with 5000 km of coastline, Madagascar is the world’s fourth largest island and is home to the third largest continuous coral reef system in the world, extending more than 300 km.

Learn more about how Blue Ventures is helping protect threatened marine areas by visiting www.blueventures.org.