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Blue Ventures Discusses Conservation and Exploration at Royal Geographical Society’s Explore 2007

24-25 November conference brings leading scientists to present latest trends in exploration

Blue Ventures’ Director of Scientific Research Al Harris and Managing Director Richard Nimmo will speak at the Royal Geographical Society’s Explore 2007 conference this month to discuss the important role exploration plays in finding solutions to global environmental threats.


Blue Ventures Medical Advisor Vik Mohan will also speak at the conference about the health challenges faced by today’s explorers.

The conference will be held 24-25 November at the Royal Geographical Society in London.

“The role of exploration can no longer afford to lie in simply documenting what’s there,” Harris said. “It’s now our responsibility to use the incredible resources and potential of our expeditions as tools to communicate, raise awareness, and address some of the increasingly urgent problems facing our planet today.”

Harris said Blue Ventures has used expeditions over the past four years to discover and document hundreds of marine species around Madagascar. But the expeditions have also collected data about environmental threats that is now being used to create one of the world’s largest community-run protected areas. That project, located along Madagascar’s southwest coast, will span 700-square kilometres and protect coral reefs, mangroves, sea grass beds and other threatened habitats.