Andavadoaka honoured by UNDP Equator Prize

Andavadoaka received visitors from national, regional and local government recently to make the official presentation of the UNDP Equator Prize.

In 2006 the village of Andavadoaka was nominated with Blue Ventures for the UNDP Equator Prize.

The Equator Prize is awarded to recognise and celebrate outstanding community efforts to reduce poverty through the conservation of biodiversity. One prize is awarded in each region of eligibility (Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa, and Asia and the Pacific), one to a community-based project in a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and one to the project that best exemplifies sustainable biodiversity-based business.

M. Roger is presented with the UNDP Equator prize


In May 2007 Andavadoaka was selected as the African winner of the Equator Prize and representatives of the community visited Berlin to participate in presentations and workshops to highlight to work of Equator communities to reduce poverty and conserve biodiversity. The award was a tremendous honour for the community and recognition of the efforts of the community to conserve natural resources and find sustainable ways of utilising their marine resources. Andavadoaka and Blue Ventures have worked together since 2003 to create sustainable community initiatives that protect and conserve vulnerable marine species such as Octopus, whilst allowing communities to continue to fish and earn a living from the sea.


In May 2008 representatives of the Malagasy Government (Department of Environment and Tourism) and regional and local government visited Andavadoaka to recognise the achievements of the community and to present the award to the Village President, Mr Sidoany and the President of the Velondriake committee, Mr Roger Samba.