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We are a social enterprise at our core, acting as an incubator for innovative approaches to incentivising, financing and sustaining marine conservation from the grassroots.

Marine conservation efforts often fail when short-term costs are perceived to outweigh future benefits, which may be uncertain. We overcome this by anchoring our work in market-based approaches that demonstrate the economic value of sustainable management efforts to coastal communities.

We move our programmes through a research and development lifecycle, in which they are tested, refined and replicated by us before being taken to scale by partners. At every stage we monitor and evaluate their impact, effectiveness and sustainability, developing tools to share best practice and support broader adoption through networks of partners in other tropical coastal regions.

Our award-winning models includes ecotourism, temporary fishery closures, locally managed marine areasaquaculture businesses, blue carbon and community-based reproductive health service delivery.

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Our internationally acclaimed volunteer expeditions enable us to carry out marine research in Madagascar and Belize while generating an independent funding stream for our conservation programmes and offering training scholarships to local students.

We are supporting coastal communities in Madagascar to realise the economic benefits of sustainable fisheries management, creating powerful market incentives for marine conservation. We are also developing pioneering aquaculture businesses that provide a lucrative, environmentally sustainable and culturally viable alternative to fishing.

Our ground-breaking blue forests programme is working to conserve mangrove, seagrass and coastal wetland habitats using a range of management techniques and financing mechanisms including payment for ecosystem services and blue carbon, supporting local communities to reap the benefits of protecting these ecosystems.

We are enabling communities in Madagascar to manage their own reproductive health services by training local women to offer family planning counselling to their peers. We supply them with a variety of contraceptive options at cost price to sell within their villages for a small income.

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