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03 August 2010, Andavadoaka, Madagascar . Every austral winter, Madagascar's coasts witness one of the world's most remarkable animal migrations. From May to early September the country's shores become a highway for hundreds of humpback whales, migrating between their equatorial breeding sites and their feeding grounds in the southern Ocean.
LONDON, 22 July 2010. Marine conservation organisation, Blue Ventures is one of 12 finalists competing for this year's prestigious World Challenge award, an international competition organised by BBC World News and Newsweek magazine to champion projects showing enterprise and innovation at a grassroots level.
LAND'S END, 5 July 2010. An intrepid young woman from Exeter has completed an epic journey. Tess Shellard has trekked 1293 miles over 54 consecutive days from John o'Groats to Land's End - the entire length of the UK - to raise £10,000 for a network of family planning clinics in remote villages in southern Madagascar.
TULEAR, 2 July 2010. Madagascar’s national media turned its attention to the coastal city of Toliara on 2nd July as the country’s Prime Minister and 16 government ministers descended on the regional capital for the inauguration of the Ministry of Fisheries’ new regional headquarters.
EXETER, 7 May 2010. An intrepid young woman from Exeter is preparing for an epic journey. Tess Shellard is trekking 1293 miles over 54 consecutive days from John O’Groats to Land’s End – the entire length of the UK - to raise £10,000 for a network of family planning clinics in remote villages is southern Madagascar.
ANTANANARIVO, 26 April 2010. A team of researchers working with Blue Ventures is calling for urgent action to protect one of the world’s most endangered reptiles.

LONDON 12th March 2010. Proposals will be made this week to prohibit international trade in the scalloped hammerhead shark, Sphyrna lewini, and seven other shark species.


London, 1st March, 2010. Addressing the unmet family planning needs of the world’s poorest and most isolated populations can add value to conservation efforts, the director of an integrated reproductive health programme told global leaders in London today.

London, 24th February 2010. "Coastal Conservation offers survival for the poor” - Blue Ventures marine scientist wins international award for conservation Blue Ventures.

California, 9-10th February 2010. Blue Ventures has been warmly welcomed at the 16th Katoomba meeting focusing on Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES) in the marine environment.

London, 27th January 2010. Blue Ventures is proud to announce that Georges ‘Bic’ Manahira, a conservationist at its groundbreaking research site in Andavadoaka, southwest Madagascar and the longest serving member of staff on site has recently been certified by the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) as Madagascar’s first Open Water Scuba Instructor.


London, 2nd November 2009. In 2003, Blue Ventures set out on an ambitious mission: to demonstrate that responsible tourism can be a powerful engine for sustainable, targeted conservation.

London, 28th October 2009 Blue Ventures has been short-listed in The Virgin Holidays Responsible Tourism Awards 2009, organised by responsibletravel.com.

London, 7th September 2009 Grassroots coral reef conservation can postpone the collapse of whole ecosystems but for how long?


Blue Ventures has recently completed an ambitious expedition to document the contemporary migration of indigenous fishing communities in Madagascar.