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15 December 2011, Madagascar. Blue Ventures has built on their marine turtle fishery and conservation programme as their awareness-raising marine turtle festival has expanded 400 km northwards along the west coast of Madagascar.

25 November 2011, London. Marine Expeditions organisation Blue Ventures has been selected as a finalist in the Green Tourism Award at the British Youth Travel Awards.

21 November 2011, Maintirano, Madagascar. In late November a team of marine scientists and environmental reporters will embark on a pioneering research expedition along the remote west coast of Madagascar. Based aboard a traditional Malagasy wooden sailing dhow, the international team will survey the health and biodiversity of the Barren Isles, a 100km long chain of coral islands off the west coast of the Madagascar; working above and below the water to support the conservation of one of the Mozambique Channel's remotest and least known coral reef archipelagos.

16 November 2011, Belo-sur-Mer Madagascar. The morning of November 11th saw the opening of two pioneering community-managed mangrove reserves in western Madagascar. Over 200 fishers attended the opening of the two fishing sites, covering an area of approximately 200 hectares, in order to reap the benefits of a temporary closure that has prohibited all forms of fishing and mangrove cutting for the past 19 weeks.

31 October, 2011, Worldwide. Today the world's population will exceed 7 billion people, bringing into sharp focus some of the immense challenges facing the sustainability of the world's natural resources. Not least because at the heart of this statistic lies something deeply troubling: globally, 200 million women are unable to access safe and effective family planning methods.

28 October, 2011, Mombasa, Kenya. The first phase of a new website, dedicated to providing open-access educational materials that support community-based marine conservation, was launched in Mombasa, Kenya today at the 7th biannual Symposium of the Western Indian Ocean Marine Science Association (WIOMSA).

17 October, 2011, Madagascar. In a groundbreaking new partnership, UNICEF is working with Blue Ventures to enhance its community-based conservation program through innovative, technological teaching tools for the youth of coastal southwest Madagascar.

15 October, 2011, London. The Shark Alliance, a coalition of more than 100 conservation, scientific and recreational organisations, is launching the fifth annual European Shark Week today by calling on European Union (EU) fisheries ministers to protect sharks from overexploitation and finning - the wasteful practice of slicing off a shark's fins and discarding the body at sea

10 October, 2011, Brussels. Today artisanal fishers and civil society groups are rallying in Brussels to deliver a declaration to the European Parliament, European Commission and the Council Presidency calling on them to deliver sustainable European fisheries through reform of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP).

17 August, 2011, London. The European Union (EU) has unfinished business with sharks. European citizens are calling on EU fisheries ministers to make the push and protect sharks from overexploitation and to urgently strengthen the EU regulation that bans the wasteful practice of 'finning' (slicing off a shark's fins and discarding the body at sea).

21 June, 2011, Antananarivo, Madagascar. A recent study has shed light on the exceptional conservation importance of one of the Indian Ocean’s least known archipelagos.

16 June 2011, Antananarivo, Madagascar. Fish catches in Madagascar over the last half-century are double official reports, and much of that fish is being caught by unregulated traditional fishers or accessed cheaply by foreign fishing vessels.

11 June 2011, New York. Blue Ventures, a London-based marine conservation organisation, won the prestigious Buckminster Fuller Challenge award last night for its work to protect marine resources and improve the livelihoods of poor coastal communities in Madagascar.

Velondriake, Madagascar 27th - 28th May 2011. A marine turtle festival, a social marketing campaign to raise awareness of marine turtle biology and conservation, started in the Velondriake Locally Managed Marine Area (LMMA) this week. The festival forms part of Blue Ventures’ social marketing strategy, and follows on from the successful ‘Vezo Aho’ (I am Vezo) campaign in 2010 to combat the use of destructive fishing methods within the region.

25 May 2011, London. The critical role of family planning in tropical biodiversity conservation will be highlighted today at Population Footprints, a landmark global conference in London.