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From reef to plate - Belize combats the lionfish


25 March 2014, Germany: Blue Ventures' work on invasive lionfish was featured in a short film, From reef to plate - Belize combats the lionfish, on the Deutsche Welle website. Film by Katja Döhne.

With its venomous sting and voracious appetite, the lionfish is one of the biggest threats to the world’s second-largest coral barrier reef in Belize. Now, human intervention seems the only way to fight the danger. The marine conservation organization "Blue Ventures" has taken up the fight against the lionfish. It’s trying to create a market for the fish, which is surprisingly delicious. The group is working on persuading fishermen to catch the species without getting stung and teaching them the right handling and processing techniques. And, they’re also trying to convince restaurant owners to offer the delicacy on their menu.

Deutsche Welle is an international broadcaster who represents Germany in the international media landscape.