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Developments Magazine - Madagascar Marine Ecology

Front_Page_ImageBlue Ventures' work in Velondriake is featured in an article in Developments Magazine

Ruth Rosselson reports on our work in Madagscar in Developments Magazine.

Quote from the feature:

"Clarice is a member of the village women’s association, working with Blue Ventures to develop livelihoods for local women. She is 33, unmarried, and has three children aged 14, seven and two. “Having Blue Ventures in the village means that there’s the possibility of employment and there are volunteers and tourists around to sell my embroidery to. It’s a really important income for me because I don’t fish and am not married. Each expedition, the women’s association cooks for the volunteers and this is another way for us to earn money. It’s definitely improved my life. My hut is very small and in great need of repair. Eventually I hope to earn enough money to build a new one.”