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Condé Nast Traveler 2010 Environment Award

EnvironmentalAwardBlue Ventures founder, Alasdair Harris, has been awarded the Conde Naste Traveler Environment Award.

conde_nast_frontBlue Ventures founder, Alasdair Harris, has been awarded the Condé Naste Traveler Environment Award.

For two decades, Condé Nast Traveler has been honouring environmental visionaries around the world who have found innovative solutions to seemingly intractable problems. Each year, Condé Nast receives hundreds of nominations and, with the help of a panel of expert judges, selects one winner and three runners-up.

Blue Ventures' work in Madagascar has won international acclaim for its progress in demonstrating the sustainable economic benefits of responsible marine stewardship. Madagascar is widely regarded as the world's most critical conservation priority, yet the island continent faces massive environmental problems linked to climate change, population growth and over-exploitation of natural resources.  Conservation efforts pioneered by Blue Ventures – including the creation of the largest locally-managed marine reserve in the Indian Ocean – have already guided national policy and been adopted at national and regional levels.

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