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Blue Ventures' Jennifer Chapman talks about lionfish on Love FM's Making Waves radio show

Radio - Lee Mcloughlin-cropped

16th April 2014, Belize: In April Jennifer Chapman, Belize Country Coordinator, appeared on LoveFM's Making Waves radio show, where she talked about the lionfish invasion

Belize Coordinator Jennifer Chapman and Leomir Santoya, Project Coordinator of the Sarteneja Fishermen Association, are guests on Love FM's Making Waves, where they talk about a new competition they're running with the Northern Fishermen Cooperative and PACT. The collaboration hopes to encourage and incentivise local fishers to catch more lionfish and help build up the local market for this tasty invader, which has been devastating coral reefs across the Caribbean. 

You can listen to the full show here:

 Radio - Lee Mcloughlin-cropped