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Africa Geographic magazine - All at Sea

_Ag-March-10Blue Ventures' ambitious expedition to document the contemporary migration of indigenous fishing communities in Madagascar is featured in an article in Africa Geographic magazine

Christina Corbett reports on Garth Cripps' May 2009 Vezo migration in Madagascar in Africa Geographic Magazine.

Quote from the feature:

"Very little is known about this migration,’ [Garth Cripps] says. ‘There are lots of unanswered questions.How many fishermen migrate and along what routes? Why do they do it, and how important is the migration to their livelihoods? There has never been a more important time than now to understand its drivers and underlying causes,’ he states. ‘If we can understand the migration, we will gain an insight into the difficulties facing the fishermen and the condition of the marine resources they depend on. If we have this knowledge we can come up with conservation strategies that reflect this Vezo tradition and help them prepare for the future impacts of climate change on coral reef resources."