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Rado Botosoamananto

Terrestrial & Fisheries Scientist Terrestrial & Fisheries Scientist Andavadoaka, Madagascar

Rado's first experience with Blue Ventures was as a Malagasy Scholar in late 2011, participating in a volunteer expedition for 6 weeks. In April 2012, Rado began working as a Blue Ventures scientist, taking on responsibility for the Tortoise monitoring program, Finfish monitoring program, Shark & Turtle monitoring program, and supervising octopus data collection in Velondriake. In his spare time, Rado takes volunteers diving and helps with fish and benthic training. Rado has a Masters degree in Oceanology from the University of Toliara and is originally from the east coast of Madagascar. In early 2013 Rado started his work as an EDGE Fellow, focusing on the EDGE listed coral species Horastrea Indica - where his work focuses on increasing knowledge about the rare and endemic Indian Ocean coral, and using the species as a flagship for coral reef conservation.