Faustinato Behivoke

Assistant Conservation Coordinator Assistant Conservation Coordinator Toliara, Madagascar

After obtaining a Master’s degree in Applied Oceanography from the University of Toliara’s Institute of Fishery and Marine Sciences (IHSM), and working in the environmental sector in southwest Madagascar for a number of different organisations, including WWF, GIZ, and SAGE, Faustinato joined the Blue Ventures team in early 2014 as our Assistant Conservation Coordinator. He works across a number of LMMAs in southwest Madagascar, supporting fishing communities to build their management capacity, effectively enforce fisheries regulations, and develop sustainable finance mechanisms. 

As a naturalist, and with my training as an Environmentalist and Oceanographer, my challenge with BV is to continue my efforts to join conservation to development, as I’ve done throughout my career. As an island country, marine resource management is important for Madagascar ; the survival of coastal communities, as well as the viability of fisheries exports depends on the health of the sea. Madagascar is a cradle of marine biodiversity, but is vulnerable to stresses such as climate change. Marine conservation is one way to preserve this invaluable wealth. From my point of view, we need not describe the losses, but rather focus on safeguarding what remains. We can’t develop our fisheries without protecting the marine environment, however we can not protect the marine environment without real, sustainable development.”