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Newsflash - Climate Change

Newsflash - Climate Change (7)

0.2 - no in °C of the change in air temperature over southern Madagascar from 1950-2000 (Tadross et al. 2008)
2 - no of mm per year, the rate at which sea levels are projected to rise, a total of 0.2-0.6 meters above pre-industrial levels, by the end of the 21st century (IPCC 2007)
2.6 - the number in °C of maximum predicted increase in air temperature in the southern part of Madagascar for the period 2046-2065 (Tadross et al, 2008)

5 (top) - Rank of Madagascar in terms of climate change vulnerability when compared to 193 countries (Maplecroft.com)

12 - Number of drought events in southwest Madagascar from 1980-2001 (Busby et al. 2010); erratic rainfall patterns due to climate change in this region are predicted to increase both frequency and severity of droughts.
80 - % of rainforest canopy lost during Madagascar's worst cyclone in history (Wright 1999); climate change is predicted to increase the frequency and severity of these extreme weather events.

80 - 90 - % of coral mortality in some parts of Madagascar following a severe bleaching event in 1998 (McClanahan and Obura 1998); bleaching events due to increased sea temperatures will likely increase due to climate change