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Three Things That We Can Learn About Sustainable Development From Madagascar
4th August 2014
Blue Ventures is featured in Tusk Trust's Tusk Talk magazine
18th July 2014
Taking the plunge
25th April 2014

We work with journalists, news agencies and the world’s media to communicate our work, and to tell the human story of conservation through the eyes and voices of the traditional fishers.


Blue Ventures' Richard Nimmo talks about Gap Years on UK radio
15th August 2014
Aire marine protégée - De nouvelles règles d’exploitation en vue
2nd July 2014
La mangrove « poumon vert » en danger
8th May 2014
Blue Ventures' Jennifer Chapman talks about lionfish on Love FM's Making Waves radio show
16th April 2014
From reef to plate - Belize combats the lionfish
26th March 2014
How the 'Avon' model is empowering women to 'inspire change' in Madagascar
7th March 2014
Sea Turtles Are Endangered, But 42,000 Were Killed Legally Last Year
27th February 2014
After a chance meeting, a new Population-Health-Environment programme is born in Madagascar
25th February 2014
Shark fishers in Madagascar sell fins for pennies
13th February 2014
What I see is that women are healthier...children are healthier
15th January 2014


Notes from Nosy Mitseo, Madagascar: the legacy of the demand for shark fin
24th December 2013
The Rise of Community Focused Marine Tourism in the WIO by Taylor Mayol
1st December 2013
Population-Environment Program Wins Recognition: Blue Ventures Honored by Schuyler Null
25th November 2013
Octopuses and Contraceptives: Notes from the Population, Health, and Environment Conference by Elaine E Rossi
25th November 2013
PHE Mythbusting at the International Conference on Family Planning by Roger-Mark de Souza
21st November 2013
The Guardian: Family planning in Madagascar - lessons from a conservation NGO by Emilie Filou
15th November 2013
National Geographic: Belize Fights Back Against an Uninvited Guest by Jo Hudson
27th September 2013
National Geographic: Belize Fights Back Against an Uninvited Guest by Jo Hudson
27th September 2013
First shark fisheries data sent via smartphone
11th September 2013
The Ecologist: Q&A with Sam Hope, Expedition and Dive Manager for Blue Ventures
8th August 2013
IUCN Blog: Kayaks to Korea by Brian Jones
8th August 2013
National Geographic: Farming Sea Cucumbers in Madagascar for Economic Hope and Conservation by Taylor Mayol
13th June 2013
Reporter Newspaper: In search of a market for Belizean lion fish by Rowland A Parks
5th June 2013
Oxfam Policy and Practice Blog: Marine conservation and public health by Bob Dewar
3rd June 2013
Plus TV Belize: Conservationist promotes Lionfish consumption and export
29th May 2013
Guardian Newspaper: Lasting Progress in Conservation depends on cross sector synergies by Dr Alasdair Harris
10th May 2013
Population Matters Magazine: The Women Are Waiting, Conservation through Reproductive Health Service Provision by Taylor Mayol
10th May 2013
International Lifestyle Magazine: Time to embrace integration by Tess Shellard
31st January 2013


A sea of riches: Coastal waters could feed many more Africans, but need better protection
19th February 2012
Trouble has Eight Limbs
10th February 2012


Sustainable fisheries net US$100,000 award
9th December 2011
Madagascar fishermen protect mangroves to save jobs
6th December 2011
Marine Stewardship Council and Blue Ventures - Collaboration in action
6th July 2011
Fast Company - How to save fish? It takes a village
6th July 2011
SWARA magazine - To live with the Sea in Madagascar
6th July 2011
Balanced newsletter - Livelihoods and PHE in the Velondriake locally managed marine area in Madagascar
6th July 2011
BV's Lalao Aigrette - An IUCN natural born hero
14th April 2011


Newsweek...Inspired action
2nd November 2010
CNN -Eco-paradise caught between development and the deep blue sea
2nd November 2010
International lifestyle magazine- A future Maintained
17th August 2010
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