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Biodiversity Conservation

For the past decade, we at Blue Ventures have pioneered globally-acclaimed approaches to community-based marine conservation.

All too often, marine conservation efforts by fail because of market economics: and the costs of action far outweigh the perceived benefits of inaction.

Our conservation strategy is simple. We focus on innovating scalable economic incentives for marine conservation.

Using these market-based tools, we champion a holistic approach to marine conservation, integrating fisheries management, sustainable alternative livelihoods, local capacity building, public health, and social marketing for behaviour change.

If you volunteer with our ecological tourism organisation Blue Ventures Expeditions in either Belize or Madagascar, your expedition will help us support our sister charity, Blue Ventures Conservation, with all these valuable conservation activities which will help not just the biodiversity of the region but the population that depend on it. 

As a volunteer you will spend 6 weeks based at our spectacular eco camps in Belize or Madagascar, be fully trained to dive and obtain your PADI certificate and take part in ecological studies and community volunteering activities such as teaching. You will learn about the local culture, and enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime trip that you will never forget.

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Testimonials from Blue Ventures volunteers

" I want to thank Blue Ventures for the most spectacular experience of a lifetime. Getting back home was the single most difficult thing to do and adjusting has been tough. You guys do a fantastic thing and it was such a pleasure to be part of it"
- Courtney Pike, South African volunteer, March 2011

“As I am coming to expect, BV is a very thoughtful organization with a primary mission to be effective (rather than place volunteers). I am impressed-- again.” - Dr Tracy Ware, American volunteer, 2010

"I was part of a Blue Ventures expedition for my honeymoon back in 2008. Blue Ventures are an inspiration, and it is my hope that someday I can find the time to volunteer again, and go back and visit the wonderful people of Andavadoaka. But in the meantime my experience in Madagascar has led me to challenge what I need from life, and I have now successfully switched careers, leaving London and joining the renewable energy industry (BV's solar stoves were just the start!). Keep up the good work, BV deserve every award coming their way." - Will Turner, British volunteer, 2010

“For a previous non-diver it opened up a whole new world to me where I was getting excited and searching under rocks like a child! As a future Marine Biologist it just increased my passion for what I am about to study. The staff’s enthusiasm and the sea’s wonders was a real motivator and I will remember it forever.” - Cara Daneel, South African volunteer, 2008

If you wish to find out more about our previous volunteers (such as gap year students, university students, career breakers, families, couples & Indian Ocean scholars), please visit Day in the Life.