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Mialy Andriamahefazafy

Environmental Policy Specialist Environmental Policy Specialist Cambridge, United Kingdom

As Blue Ventures' resident environmental lawyer, Mialy is responsible for advising colleagues, partner organisations and communities on matters relating to environmental law and policy. Her work with Blue Ventures covers a range of disciplines including fisheries, carbon finance, endangered species and environmental management. After studying public law at the University of Antananarivo, Mialy received her Masters in Environmental Law and Climate Change from Pace Law School New York. She is currently studying for a Masters in Conservation Leadership at the Univeristy of Cambridge.

Before joining Blue Ventures, Mialy advised the Mission of the Comoros to the United Nations regarding the adoption of international treaties. She has also worked as an environmental law consultant on cases crossing a broad range of environmental management-related issues, including; environmental justice, community-based management and fisheries. Fascinated by the role of advocacy in environmental management and sustainable development, Mialy is motivated by an ambition to improve Madagascar's environmental law and assist civil society organisations in understanding the Malagasy legal framework.

"Blue Ventures has huge potential to change things for the better in Madagascar. Having visited communities that Blue Ventures is working with, I've been able to see how conservation has changed the future for coastal communities for the better. Blue Ventures is the pillar that Madagascar needs, to strengthen its capacity for marine conservation and environmental governance."

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