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Lalao Aigrette

Senior Marine Scientist Senior Marine Scientist Toliara, Madagascar

Lalao is a senior marine scientist with Blue Ventures and has been recognised as an IUCN natural-born hero for her outstanding contribution to conservation in her home country of Madagascar. Blue forests are Lalao's passion, and she has been involved in mangrove field research for five years with Blue Ventures. She has undertaken a number of large-scale mangrove assessments in the southwest and the northwest of Madagascar, looking at the biomass and carbon stock of mangrove stands, the status of environmental and human impacts, and future threats.

More than just working on the science of carbon stock measurements, Lalao draws on three years of experience in community-based natural resource management to help develop mangrove conservation projects with local communities. She is also involved in developing and researching simple but robust methods for the measurement of mangrove ecosystem services.

Lalao is the East African Forum for Payment for Ecosystem Service (EAFPES) representative in Madagascar. She has a marine science background and has attended a training course on the management of mangroves using payment for ecosystem services in Gazi Bay, Mombasa, Kenya, jointly organised by Earthwatch Research Institute (ERI) and the Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute (KMFRI).

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