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Engaging youth in conservation - films

Watch videos of our students and staff members to learn how important it is to educate the children of Velondriake and engage them in the natural world. 

Montage of the Club Aloalo environmental festival
This video shows the highlights from the environmental festival organised by Club Aloalo; to show their local community the importance of respecting the natural world, and of working together to manage it sustainably.

Connecting Classrooms & Youth Centred Conservation
This video shows the work being done by Blue Ventures and UNICEF in the Connecting Classrooms project partnership. This highlights the importance of the Connecting Classrooms activity for youth-centered conservation.

The impact of Saturday School - Roger Samba discusses
In this short film, the president of the Velondriake Association, Roger Samba, talks about the impact Saturday School has had - in teaching young people the importance of conservation and environmental awareness.

Saturday School - One of our students recites a poem
Here one of the students who attends Saturday School with us recites a poem she wrote about the environment. 


This past December (2011), Blue Ventures had the opportunity to produce several short documentaries to showcase the progress of its CCCYBC partnership with UNICEF (Connecting Classrooms, Communities, & Youth for Biodiversity Conservation). Filmmaker Jon Slayer joined the BV team in Velondriake for several weeks to capture how children and youth are learning to respect, understand, and conserve the unique natural environment of southwest Madagascar through the range of exciting CCCYBC activities. The stories are told through the eyes of the new CCCYBC Junior Reporters Club, trained to use film and radio to spread important environmental and conservation messages to the wider youth community in the Velondriake region. Watch the films here! 

Club Alo Alo
Club Alo Alo was formed in Andavadoaka in order to create a new generation of conservation-minded people with the skills needed to improve their lives and their communities through the long-term protection of local natural resources.

Connecting Classrooms & Junior Reporters
As part of the the Connecting Classrooms partnership with UNICEF, the Junior Reporters Club aims to empower young and budding journalists to report local issues via radio and film. This short film shows the impact the programme has on the youth of Andavaoaka via interviews with some of the Junior Reporters.

Sadify - Community Health and Family Planning
Blue Ventures 'Sadify' project which targets reproductive health, maternal and child health, sanitation and hygiene practices and the provision of safe water. It is not part of the Connecting Classrooms partnership.

Saturday School
Saturday School provides weekly hands-on environmental education to the children of Andavadoaka. Saturday School began in October 2011 with the launch of the Blue Ventures - UNICEF partnership.