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Trevor Jones, PhD

Geospatial Analyst; Manager, Blue Carbon Science Geospatial Analyst; Manager, Blue Carbon Science Portland, USA

Trevor joined the team in July, 2011, having spent the previous decade measuring and mapping the distribution, composition, structure and dynamics of forests in Alberta and British Columbia (Canada), and Massachusetts and New York (USA); including work at the University of British Columbia which received the best PhD award (2011) from the Canadian Remote Sensing Society. During two years in Madagascar, Trevor assessed national-level mangrove dynamics and mapped key areas of interest with satellite imagery, and recruited and trained the science branch of the Blue Forests team. The recipients of this training included members of coastal communities and both Malagasy and foreign scientists and graduate students, interns and volunteers.  

After leaving Madagascar, Trevor worked from the Integrated Remote Sensing Studio in the Faculty of Forestry at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada, where he managed blue carbon science and oversaw geospatial science for Blue Ventures. Trevor also built on existing partnerships at the University of British Columbia and explored new and exciting collaborations with Google.

Since September, 2014, Trevor has been based at Portland State University as an Affiliate Faculty member in the Dynamic Ecosystems and Landscapes Lab in the Department of Environmental Science and Management. Here, Trevor continues to manage blue carbon and geospatial science for Blue Ventures, build on existing relationships, and pursue new opportunities. Trevor also remains highly active in mentoring and advising students

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