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RadoRado joined our November 2011 Madagascar expedition.

Rado joined our November 2011 expedition.

My account of my scholarship with Blue Ventures


My name is Rado, I am the Malagasy Scholar during the expedition 66 with BV, why do I choose to come here? After my experience in open water dive in Ifaty, I wanted to get more experience and continue my dive training. Then I saw the announcement concerning the Blue Venture expeditions which consist of taking part of many programs like sciences marines, dive, aquaculture, Mangrove, reptiles trap and lots of funny trips in the Island.

Because I am a marine biologist, I didn't wait for long time to send my application, then after I was accepted. Before coming here, I was specially interested in aquaculture and conservation project. After six weeks staying here I can say that I attempted my objectives, because I don't only dive and learn about conservation, but I also took part of teaching English in the village, improving mine and learning fish and different forms of corals.

If one day a Malagasy student looks at this blog don't hesitate, try to get more information and apply because it is a opportunity to increase your knowledge, your experience, your English and to prepare your future in marine biodiversity conservation.

My stay with Blue venture during the expedition 66 is an inestimable fantastic adventure.

Thank you Blue ventures!