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mirana_webMirana joined our July 2009 Madagascar expedition.

Mirana joined our July 2009 Madagascar expedition.

My account of my scholarship with Blue Ventures


I am Mirana Françoise Razafindramboa, graduated from the “Institut de la Francophonie pour l’Entrepreneuriat” in Mauritius with a master degree in entrepreneurship and I am working in a travel agency. I have had the opportunity to travel in few places but I’ve never experienced a trip like my 6 weeks in Andavadoaka. It was G-I-A-N-T->


G like… gorgeous, words will not be enough to express the feelings produced by the beauty of the area. From the rising of the sun, till the going down of the same, different colours come and go. It’s such a magic place, perfect to set up some activities in sustainable tourism.


I’d say that nothing great was ever achieved during my stay without the enthusiasm of the whole staff lead by the project coordinator and the expedition manager of Blue Ventures Andavadoaka. It was really instructive and inspirational!


A like…August 23rd, was the famous Octopus day, opening of the Octopus No-Take Zones. Wow, I couldn’t describe what I felt when I saw the number of the local people trying to collect some octopus in a low tide sea with a massive distance bigger than a football stadium. “It was an effective day but the octopus gets fewer and fewer” says Kopeky, a Vezo woman who shared the pirogue with us from the permanent reserve back to the village where we’ll need to weight each octopus.


N…like never forget, it was really amazing for me to see how kids in the English club could learn and use English vocabularies in this very remote place. Especially, knowing that English is the third language for most of Malagasy people. BV stands for Blue Ventures but allow me to say BraVo!


T like… team work. We’ve been given science training in benthic and fish species identification. Volunteers and staff were always there to help me to remember the names of the species. I also cherished the time to be useful in doing some translations. We were also involved in some social activities, such as doing a focus group interview at Ampasilava with the family planning team. The participants were very responsive and energetic throughout the program. The joy was shared. It was really encouraging for me to be able to take part in the family planning project, because I definitely agree that there is a baby boom there.


Well, I once shuffled through some old personnel reports from my trip and came across this word scribbled onto my translation note book: SOA, it was my very first Vezo words. My gratitude goes to the whole body of BV and I’ll end up with… soa.