Maria Herinjara

IMG 1263Maria joined our January 2012 Madagascar expedition.

Maria joined our January 2012 expedition.

My account of my scholarship with Blue Ventures

IMG 1263My name is Herinjara Maria Ranohatra, I recently graduated with an MBA degree in Global, Social and Sustainable Enterprise from Colorado State University and returned to Madagascar.

I am delighted that I had the opportunity to join an expedition with Blue Ventures. As a Malagasy, I was able to discover more about my own country and the communities who live in this area. I was touched by the friendliness of the people, while becoming more familiar with conservation and economic development issues. Indeed, it is encouraging to see increased environmental education and other incentives that Blue Ventures has been able to facilitate here. The community-based sea cucumber farming incentive is particularly a memorable experience to me as I could spend some time with the farmers and share their excitement as they were harvesting.

"My expedition with Blue Venture has enhanced my understanding of the complementarity between conservation effort and socio-economic incentives."