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KeatKeat joined our April 2009 Malaysia expedition.

Keat joined our April 2009 expedition.

My account of my scholarship with Blue Ventures

KeatI am Keat, a student from National University of Malaysia(UKM) who is now doing my undergraduate in marine science. Through Blue Ventures Malaysia scholar programme, I was able to join the BlueVentures Malaysia expedition 1 and 2 for my two months internship in Tioman from mid of May til early of July. With the volunteers coming from all over the world, we have carried out a lot of conservation programme in order to give the local communities in Tioman the knowledge and skills they need to live sustainably and in harmony with their environment.

With the lead of the expedition manager and project coordinator of BlueVentures Malaysia, Katie Yewdall, we have been given science training in fish and benthic identification before we can carry out the real underwater survey, Fish Belt and Point Intercept Transect(P.I.T) to know about the reef condition in Tioman. Besides, we also go to school in Tekek and Mukut for school programmes, discussing about impact of littering to their environment, recycle and ecosystem. For we, students from UKM who are able to communicate in Malay have to carry out socio-economic survey in a few villages in Tioman to know about local people’s knowledge and perception of the coral reef .Within this two months, we also have the opportunities to join a few events organised by ReefCheck Malaysia and Marine Park of Tioman such as the Reef Clean Up and children conservation camp.

From the internship with BlueVentures Malaysia, I have learned a lot and gained some new experiences which have given me the idea of my future plan after I finish my study. Thanks all the staffs from Tioman Dive Centre and Swiss Cottage, and volunteers of BlueVentures Expedition 1 and 2 for all your loves and cares.