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IMG 1276Danny joined our September 2011 Madagascar expedition.

Danny joined our September 2011 expedition.

My account of my scholarship with Blue Ventures

IMG 1276

My name is Danny Kornélio RAVELOJAONA, 25, Master II student at the Institute of Fisheries and Marine Sciences, Toliara - Madagascar. I am very interested in the sea and all that concerns it. The award of Blue ventures, I attended the 65th expedition of 27 September to 07 November.

My experience led me to Andavadoaky enhance the university course that I did for a living, I had such a wealth of experience and I really enjoyed my stay with Blue Ventures. They allowed me to learn diving and to improve my English. Currently I also know of many species of fish found in tropical areas especially those in the south-west of Madagascar. I gained many valuable skills for the rest of my studies. My friendly relationship has grown and I also learned many things about the sea. In the six weeks I spent with the other volunteers quickly complete with all the diversity of activities proposed by a well planned program.

I liked especially the beautiful sunset that does not compare to one another. The immersed in areas rich in fish and the beach, but even more card games that were passing the time until dinner in the evening. It is an experience that has enhanced my knowledge in many ways and increases my level of English. I can only encourage anyone interested directly or indirectly to the marine environment to visit Andavadoaky.