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AliceAlice joined our April 2009 Malaysia expedition.

Alice joined our April 2009 Malaysia expedition.

My account of my scholarship with Blue Ventures


I’m Alice and student from National University of Malaysia (UKM) in Kuala Lumpur. I’m undergraduate student who study Marine Science in the field of Marine Biology. I was participating in my third semester internship which is one part of our Marine science course. I was helping out with Blue Ventures Malaysia projects which consist of long-term education and socio-economic projects as well as short-term volunteer led reef health monitoring projects.


Volunteers from UKM who were able to communicate in Bahasa Malay conducted a socio-economic survey of the residents of three villages in Tioman which were Tekek, Juara and Mukut to as certain local knowledge of marine biology and conservation as well as perceptions of activities of other local people, tourists, operators and the Marine Parks Authority. We were also involved in assisting the teaching of the Schools and community program in Tekek and Mukut. For marine reef health surveys, together with the volunteers from all over the world who taken part in the Project Abroad, we were helping in collecting information on the development, deterioration and overall condition of coral reefs and fish populations in the area. By observing and analyzing reef damage and fish populations, it can be helping out to find the best ways to protect marine life from the dangers of increased tourism and human negligence.