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Past Thesis Titles

Since 2004 Blue Ventures has accepted a number of independent researchers at the Andavadoaka field site.

Please have a look below at the previous titles which have been studied. If you would like any more information or a copy of these theses please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via our online form.

If you are interested in completing an independent research project with Blue Ventures please contact us for more information: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Preparing for REDD+: Identifying and Mapping Human Threats to Mangrove Habitats, Madagascar

Samir Gandhi, Kings College
MSc Environmental Monitoring, Modelling & Management


Gear Selectivity and the Influence of Socioeconomic Factors on Gear Choice in a Small-Scale Coastal Fishery in Western Madagascar

Katrina Dewar, University of Bangor
MSc Marine Environmental Protection


Etude du stock de carbone dans le mangroves de Madagacar - case de Maintirano, region Melaky

Volahasina Tsilavina Ranoelison, Universite d'Antananarivo
Mémoire en vue de l’obtention du Diplôme d’Etudes Approfondies


Subjective Wellbeing and Socio-Economic Vulnerability in the Mangrove Forests of Madagascar

Deon LLouw, University of Oxford
MSc Environmental Change and Management


Etude des impacts socioéconomiques d’un projet REDD+ pour l’écosystème mangrove à Madagascar

Pierre-Francois Roy, Blue Forests and Coastal Communities Programme
Not completed for any degree programme


Facteurs explicatifs de la déforestation et de la dégradation des mangroves en vue de la mise en place de REDD+: Cas de Maintirano

Rado Andrianirina Rakotomanana, Universite d'Antananarivo
Mémoire en vue de l’obtention du Diplôme d’Étude Approfondies


Can payments for carbon sequestration services in mangrove stands improve livelihood, ecology and sustainability? A Case study of mangroves in Ambaro Bay, Madagascar

Samuel Welderufael
MA NGO and Development Management


A comparison of qualitative and quantitative ecological assessment methods of mangroves in Southwestern Madagascar

Sondra Winders
SIT Madagascar: Biodiversity and Natural Resource Management




An Investigation into the Impact of Environmental Conditions on the Effectiveness of Temporary Closure Periods for Octopus Cyanea Fishing in Southwest Madagascar

Victoria Taylor, UCL
MSc Conservation


Investigating the rate of recruitment of Ocotpus cyanea to an unfished area of reef flat in southwest Madagascar

Sam Wragg, University of Warwick
BSc Biology


Initial investigation of spatial resource use by octopus gleaners in Andavadoaka

Julie Baines, Swansea University
BSc Marine Biology


A baseline study of the squid, Ommastrephes bartramii, fishery in Andavadoaka, SW Madagascar

Julia Baker, Swansea University
BSc Marine Biology


Evaluation de la qualite d'habitat appropriee pour les poulpes (Octopus cyanea) d'Andavadoaka dans la region sud oust de Madagascar

Andrisoa Aladin Danoary, IH.SM
DEA Océanologie appliquée




Investigating the effects of sewage-outlet proximity to coral reef communities in Pulau Tioman, Malaysia.

Charlie Fayers, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
BSc Zoology




Feasibility study of the culture of red algae (Euchema denticulatum) in the Velondriake management zone.

Heriniaina Juliano Dany Ramanantsoa, IHSM, Madagascar


Rapid changes in fish utilization of mangrove habitat in Western Madagascar

Judith and Peddrick Weis, Rutgers University and Univ. of Medicine and Dentistry of
NJ, Newark NJ, USA.

Not completed for any degree programme


Malagasy Meadows; The threats and effect on three different seagrass habitats in the Velondriake 'marine protected area', Madagascar

Robbie Weterings, Van Hall Institute, Netherlands

BSc: Diploma in Environmental Science


Malagasy Meadows Map Book; GIS maps of three different seagrass habitats in the Velondriake 'marine protected area', Madagascar

Robbie Weterings, Van Hall Institute, Netherlands
BSc: Diploma in Environmental Science




Identification of the reproductive season of Octopus cyanea in the southwest region of Andavdoaka

Daniel Raberinary, IHSM, Madagascar
MSc: Diploma in Applied Oceanography


Investigation of the level of mangrove resource use and potential sources of human impact around Andavadoaka

Claire Connon, University of Cambrige, UK
BA Natural Science


Spatial and Temporal variation in coral reef fish assemblages of the reef systems of Andavadoaka, south west Madagascar

Lea Fennelly, University of Wales, Bangor, UK
MSc Marine Environmental Protection


The extent to which short term, community-run no-take zones serve as a tool for promoting sustainable octopus fisheries in Southwest Madagascar

Alice Miller, Sussex University, UK
MA Environment, Development and Society


Linking People and the Environment: a Study of Environmental Education with Rural Communities of South West Madagascar. MA in Environment Development and Policy

Lucia Cresti, Sussex University, UK


What factors contribute to the progression and integration of sustainable livelihoods within coastal communities in Madagascar?

Heather Campbell, Kings College, London, UK
MA Geography


Microbial and chemical analysis of the drinking and bathing waters in the rural village of Andavadoaka, southwest Madagascar to identify faecal contamination; with the objective of designing a sanitation programme using biogas technology

Katrice King, University of Wales, Bangor, UK
Applied Terrestrial and Marine Ecology




Establishing experimental No take zones to promote a sustainable fishery for Octopus cyanea (Gray) in south west Madagascar

Frances Humber, University of Plymouth, UK
MRes Marine Biology


Mangrove Forests of Baie des Assassins, Madagascar: An Assessment of Forest Structure, Human Impact and Subsistence Value

Rhadika Dave, Yale University, USA
MSc Environmental Science


Seagrass and Coastal Communities: Investigating sustainable development in Andavadoaka, south west Madagascar

Micah Stanbridge, University of Edinburgh, UK




A study of volunteer tourism- Results for Blue Ventures

Alexandra Coghlan, James Cook University, Australia
Tourism Programme




Fishery activities in the village of Andavadoaka

Gaëtan Rovestin Tovondrainy, IHSM, Madagascar
MSc: Diploma in the technical science of coastal management Option: Integrated Coastal Zone Management


A threat to traditional Society? A case study of the threat of tourism to the traditional fishery of Andavdoaka, south west Madagascar

Matthew Linnecar


Interaction between Different Enterprises making use of Coastal Resources in Andavadoaka

Charikleia Xirou, Imperial College, London, UK
MSc Environmental Science


Independent research projects (2013-2014) - Madagascar

Independent research projects (2013-2014) - Belize