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Centralising and organising the Blue Forests Project’s geospatial database

Supervisor: Trevor Jones
Location: desk (UK) and/or desk/field (Madagascar)
Duration: min 3-6 months

Madagascar’s west coast includes approximately 213,000 hectares of mangrove ecosystems which sequester significant amounts of carbon dioxide, support high levels of biodiversity and provide vital goods and services to increasingly poor and vulnerable coastal communities. Despite their importance, Madagascar’s mangroves are being rapidly overexploited resulting in widespread degradation and deforestation.

Critical to ongoing efforts are myriad geospatial data-sets representing a collation of existing and field-collected ecological, socio-economic and geophysical information. This desk-based project would involve working with our team of geospatial experts to improve the centralised (i.e., internet cloud-based) organisation of all of Blue Forest’s geospatial data-sets.

The first phase of this project involves an exhaustive inventory of different approaches towards data organisation which then needs to be summarized and shared with BV’s geospatial experts.

Under close supervision, the second phase of this project involves adopting the agreed upon system. The end results of these efforts will be ensuring that all existing and future data-sets are archived in a transparent manner and accessible to staff who need this critical information for all ongoing conservation initiatives.

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