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Visualisation of traditional crab captures data in western Madagascar

Supervisor: Brian Jones, Jérémie Bossert
Location: desk (UK) and/or desk (Madagascar)
Duration: 2-4 months

BV is working with traditional fishing communities in and around the village of Belo-sur-Mer, western Madagascar, to protect key mangrove habitat and sustainably manage the traditional mud crab (Scylla serrata) fishery. As part of these efforts, BV has established a captures monitoring program and undertaken extensive fishing site mapping. trial

Currently, 13 crab fishers throughout 4 villages collect data on their crab captures, including:
  • Date and time of fishing trip
  • Fishing sites visited
  • Materials used
  • Total weight of catch
  • A sample of 20 individual crabs (or entire catch if <20) measured for carapace width, sex,and presence/absence of eggs

To date over 100,000 individual crabs have been measured, and this ever growing dataset contains a wealth of knowledge about the health of the fishery, as well as resource use patterns. This project would capitalize on this dataset, with fishing site names matched to corresponding Google Earth polygons, to creatively visualize predominant trends in catches. Ideas for visualization of this data include, but are not limited to:
  • Relative effort by fishing site (colour coded scale)
  • Total capture and Catch Per Unit Effort (CPUE) by fishing site (colour coded scale)
  • Presence of eggs in female crabs by season across all sites

The output of this work would be sets of Google Earth polygons that can be easily overlaid and be used in community workshops and presentations to increase stakeholder knowledge about the state of their fishery resources.

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