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Study of national octopus fishery status and trends in Madagascar

Supervisor: Olivia Kemp
desk (UK) and/or desk (Madagascar)
Duration: 2-4 months

Since 2004 Blue Ventures has been working with communities throughout southwest Madagascar to monitor octopus landings. The octopus fishery is of great economic importance to small scale fishers in this area, and the majority of the catch is sold directly to commercial collection companies for export to southern Europe. In 2005 a study detailing the then recent evolution of the octopus collection zones and the resulting increase in production was prepared (L’Haridon 2005).

The octopus fishery continues to be a vitally important fishery to the Vezo population of the southwest. This project would work to assess the changes that may have occurred over the past seven years since the 2005 study in terms of collection areas and total production. Data from the regional and national fishery ministries combined with data from local collectors will be analysed to assess these changes and the resulting report will be used to fishery managers to ensure sustainable
management continues.

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