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These stories and reflections provide different snapshots of a day in the life of our volunteers, and what made their expedition experiences so special. 

‘Your experience with Blue Ventures will exceed all your expectations’ – Kim Edou, Belgian

‘Amazing people, incredible memories, a truly unforgettable experience’ – Leah Berger, Canadian

Guillame joined an expedition in Madagascar on a career break. During his time in Andavadoaka, he helped with an "open day" to share the results of our marine research with the local community.

Emily did a 12-week expedition with us in Madagascar on her gap year, and received her PADI dive master certificate before going on to study zoology at university.

Will, a biologist from Liverpool university, joined one of our expeditions in Madagascar to broaden his research experience and learn how to dive.

Steph joined one of our expeditions in Belize, and loved it so much that she decided to stay for a while longer!

Leda spent 3 months with us in Madagascar as an expedition volunteer. She writes beautifully about her vibrant experiences in Andavadoaka.

Andrew took part in one of our first expeditions in Madagascar, volunteering for 6 weeks.

Clare joined us for 6 weeks as an expedition medic in Belize, providing basic medical advice to our volunteers and relishing the beautiful scuba diving in Bacalar Chico.

Jess volunteered with us for almost 6 months in Andavadoaka, where she became actively involved in developing our social programmes, as well as participating in our marine research.

Daniella joined a 6-week expedition to Madagascar, and recounts a typical day in Andavadoaka as well as reflecting on the richness of her experiences.

Emily joined one of our Madagascar expeditions during her gap year, before going on to study biology at Edinburgh university.