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Samuel Blyth

Field Scientist Field Scientist Andavaoaka, Madagascar

Samuel has an M.Sc. in Renewable Resources from McGill University and a B.Sc. in Environmental Sciences majoring in Natural Resource Management with an Economics and Policy area of emphasis from the University of Guelph.

Samuel first joined BV as volunteer spending three months in Andavadoake in 2010. This experience increased Samuel’s awareness and interest in the interaction between human populations and marine ecosystems. Samuel followed this experience by attaining a M.Sc. in Renewable Resources at McGill University under the supervision of Dr. Nicolas Kosoy. The focus of his thesis was an investigation of the relationships between mangrove ecosystem services and the maintenance of human well-being, focusing on the linkages between diets, livelihoods and natural systems under different market systems and levels of development. Pursuing this topic allowed Samuel the opportunity to return to Madagascar in order to perform field research in the vicinity of Belo-sur-Mer.

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