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Emily did a 12-week expedition with us in Madagascar on her gap year, and received her PADI dive master certificate before going on to study zoology at university.

There were a number of specific things that I wanted to get out of my gap year: experience of field research in a remote area, an idea of possible career paths for after university using my zoology degree, the chance to really experience a new culture, and scuba diving! I looked around a lot of organisations offering various packages in various exotic parts of the world, but I chose Blue Ventures because I felt that they were a relatively small and focused organisation with clear values, which seemed to be genuinely involved and interested in making a real difference in Andavadoaka. And of course the opportunity to go to Madagascar seemed like a dream come true!

Over the three months I was in Madagascar, I had such a wealth of experiences it's hard to know where to start! I really enjoyed learning how to conduct underwater transects, including all of the fish species which felt almost like old friends by the time I left. More profoundly, the experience of being completely apart from 'home' and of being almost completely isolated in a small community of fantastic people gave me a whole new perspective on life, and on what really matters. I learned that it is possible to come up with new fancy dress themes every week when all you have to work with are palm leaves and sarongs, that you haven't seen a night sky until you've been to Andavadoaka, and that cheese triangles and peanut butter can be a valuable commodity!

I gained a variety of useful skills (scientific data collection, PADI dive master certificate, etc) that I can build on in the future. Blue Ventures demonstrates how responsible research and conservation in a variety of fields can be carried out, and proves that it is possible to make a real difference to fragile ecosystems and the people who depend on them.