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Emily joined one of our Madagascar expeditions during her gap year, before going on to study biology at Edinburgh university.

Andavadoaka is probably the most beautiful place on the planet! The coral reefs here are stunning and just this week I’ve seen well over a dozen families of fish.

My best dive so far included coming across the a huge pufferfish! It was around three feet long and had a cross-section the girth of a dinner plate. Huge, glassy, puppy-dog eyes, spaced far apart. Cute little fins fanning continuously to keep it hovering in one place, a dusky black colour, faded and scratched like an old whale. Completely unphased by us, it bobbed off into the blue. The dive continued to provide us with extraordinary fauna, right to the last minute, with immense shoals of rabbitfish weaving their way around us. The diving has been extraordinary, I’m completely hooked!

There is so much more to tell, like our walk to the baobab forest crossing bright pink salt flats and stumbling over fossilised coral, tremendous views at the top of the hill by our beach-front bungalows, learning to sail with local fishers, the children's amazing singing performance at the village church, and the wonderful friendships I've made with my fellow volunteers and expedition staff. The six weeks are flying by and I'm having the time of my life!