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Community-based aquaculture in the Western Indian Ocean

This interactive map is a visual tool for all those involved with community based aquaculture (CBA) in the western Indian Ocean (WIO). Showing locations of known project sites, this map can help CBA stakeholders (practioners, researchers, policy holders and community members) locate others working near them, as well as in other areas in the WIO. In addition to displaying CBA sites and activities in a visual way, the map will be useful for comparing and evaluating projects in a standardised way.

The current map contains basic information for 84 project sites. Most of the information was either provided by the participants of the regional workshop held in December, 2013, or collated from the workshop presentations and external literature.

The map is evolving, and it is expected that the number of sites and projects on the map and the details on specific projects will increase as additional information becomes available.

We believe the mapping exercise will contribute to improving CBA practice, thereby towards socio-economic and environmental sustainability for coastal WIO. Therefore, expanding and extending the map in urgent priority.

The map is being temporarily hosted via Blue Ventures until a formal website is created for the regional network.

For the original map on Google Earth please click here