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We work with traditional fishing communities to promote a rights-based approach to fisheries management.

We advocate for fairer, healthier and more sustainable fisheries, to benefit marine life and the hundreds of millions of coastal people that depend on fishing. 

From small-scale octopus to artisanal shark and industrial tuna fisheries, our work has guided new fisheries legislation at local, national and international levels.

Championing fairer fishing

Our research has demonstrated the critical role that traditional small-scale fisheries play in underpinning the livelihoods and food security of some of the planet's poorest communities.

Our analyses of EU fisheries agreements in the Indian Ocean have drawn global attention to the need for a more equitable basis for north-south industrial fisheries agreements.

We work with the Marine Stewardship Council to help developing world small-scale fisheries introduce fisheries improvement projects, bringing market incentives for sustainable fishing to some of the hardest to reach coastal communities. 
"Our research into small-scale and industrial fisheries is informing policy, mobilising civil society groups around marine conservation issues, and stimulating dialogue about the need for fisheries reform."
Mialy Andriamahefazafy, policy advisor for Blue Ventures 

We regularly present our ideas and research at meetings and conferences worldwide. Watch our community conservation spokesperson Gildas Andriamalala at the opening plenary of the 2013 International Marine Protected Areas Congress in Marseille, or our founder Alasdair Harris at the 2013 WWF Fuller Symposium at the National Geographic Society in Washington, D.C. 

We share our learning by building networks of thought leaders in tropical coastal conservation and development, bringing communities together, establishing new partnerships and growing movements for change. 

Traditional Vezo fisherman alongside industrial trawler, Madagascar
Vezo fisherman alongside industrial shrimp trawler in southwest Madagascar

Advocacy reports

Economic value of small-scale fisheries  Unreported fishing and hungry people  EU fishing agreements

The total economic value of small-scale fisheries with a characterisation of post-landing trends: an application in Madagascar with global relevance (2013)

Unreported fishing, hungry people and political turmoil: the recipe for a food security crisis in Madagascar? (2012)

Who gets what? Developing a more equitable framework for EU fishing agreements (2012)