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We empower coastal communities to manage their own resources, developing locally managed marine areas designed to sustain local fisheries and safeguard marine biodiversity.


We are a global leader in catalysing and financing marine conservation from the grassroots. We demonstrate the economic benefits of marine conservation to fishers and seafood buyers through temporary fishery closures.


We are working with coastal communities and private sector partners to develop economically lucrative, environmentally sustainable and socially viable alternatives to fishing. Our aquaculture initiative is providing coastal communities in southwest Madagascar with new sources of income while alleviating pressure on marine resources and improving food security.


We are helping coastal communities in Madagascar to link the conservation of mangrove, seagrass and coastal wetland habitats with international carbon markets.


Our community health programme enables couples to freely choose the number and spacing of their births, as part of our integrated Population-Health-Environment (PHE) approach in Madagascar.


We support our partner communities to develop the skills they need to diversify their livelihoods and manage their marine resources sustainably. From school scholarships and environmental education through to conservation research courses for local graduates, our team works tirelessly to deliver training at all levels.